The importance of the Jewish-Christian relationship cannot be overstated in the attempt by western religion to come to terms with tolerance. Judaism has existed in the Christian and Islamic worlds for centuries as a small but significant minority. As a result, the Jewish experience has much to teach by statement and example about religious particularism and universalism.

Since about 1960, an effort has been made in many quarters to provide a reappraisal of the relationship between Judaism and Christianity. Much has been written, but it is not clear how much of this helpful understanding has become part of the life of religious congregations.

This project in Jewish-Christian dialogue focuses on the hope of introducing into the life of churches and synagogues an awareness of how our traditions depict people who are outside of the traditionally-defined norm. The broadly-voiced theme is Scripture, Liturgy and Depicting the Other. Intended participants include clergy and scholars, as well as lay people in separately designed programs.