Our Mission: To increase awareness and appreciation of each other in our multi-faith society.

Our Vision: With greater awareness and appreciation of each other, the multi-faith character of our society can increase human understanding and the beauty of contemporary life.

Upcoming Events

Ongoing Partners and Projects

  • Religion & the Environment

    The Interfaith Coalition On The Environment (ICE) provides a carbon footprint presentation for churches, synagogues, temples and other places of worship. The presentation focuses on the impact of carbon dioxide on the environment, the moral and ethical implications of that impact, and some very practical ways for individuals and congregations to help.

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  • Interfaith Alliance of Pennsylvania

    Interfaith Alliance of Pennsylvania is a sister organization to advocate for social justice and religious liberty and to protest when religion is manipulated for political purposes or to oppress others. Learn more at www.interfaithalliancepa.org

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  • Pennsylvania Interfaith Power and Light

    As part of our Sustainable Lifestyle Initiative, we sponsored Pennsylvania Interfaith Power and Light during their initial development. PA-IPL is a community of congregations, faith-based organizations, and individuals of faith responding to climate change as a moral issue, through advocacy, energy conservation, energy efficiency, and the use of clean, renewable energy. Learn more at www.paipl.org

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  • World Affairs Council of Harrisburg

    As an extension of our mission to cultivate cultural diversity in Central Pennsylvania, we sponsored the World Affairs Council of Harrisburg during a critical part of their development. Learn more at www.wacharrisburg.org

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  • York Interfaith

    The York Interfaith is dedicated to fostering respect for people of every faith, no faith, or searching, and providing opportunities for learning about the beliefs of others.